The Strawberry Farm

Welcome to the Original Pick-your-Own Strawberry   near Hartbeespoort Dam

Foraging and How it Works


We strive to continually plant a variety of organic, heirloom vegetables as well as a variety of herbs for picking.


We will announce when our veggie picking will commence, on this page.

So, keep checking out this page for updates on what is available and when. 


Happy Picking 

Need to contact us?

Give us a call on 082 503 5996

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Our office hours are 8:00 to 16:30 

Latest Strawberry Picking Update


We will be open for strawberry picking this weekend, 4 & 5 December.

We will also have some already picked for sale.

We are open for picnics, spa and the restaurant is open for decadent strawberry waffles, milkshakes etc.



For more information, have a look at our strawberry picking page.


Keep a look out on our Current Specials page for all the Spa Specials.

Prior Booking Essential

Current Vegetables Available

These are the latest vegetables that have been planted and some are ready for harvesting:

Carrots: Solar Yellow, Cosmic Purple, Imperator, Thumbelina (round), Black Nebula, Lunar White, Nantes, Tendersweet and Little Finger.

Radish: French Breakfast, Purple Plum, Sparkler, White Hailstone, Golden Globe 

Swiss Chard (Spinach): Flamingo Pink

Beetroot: Albino White, Chioggia (striped), Early Wonder, Cylindra (long), Golden Globe and Sugar Beet

Kohlrabi: Purple Vienna

Beans: Blue Peter Runner Beans, .

Brassicas: Long Island Brussel Sprouts, Romesco Broccoli & Snowball Cauliflower

Cucumbers: National Pickling, Telegraph Improved & Ashley

Garlic: Purple Glazer & Tuscan

Herbs: Primrose Golden Yellow, Oregano, Florence Fennel, Sage, Rocket Wild Sylvetta.

Lettuce: Blonde de Paris, Iceberg.

Turnips: Golden Globe, Purple Top White Globe 

and more to come...

Produce that is ready for harvesting is:

Lettuce- Parris Island Cos, Green Salad Bowl.

Radish: French Breakfast, Purple Plum, Sparkler, White Hailstone, Golden Globe

Beetroot: Chioggia (striped), Early Wonder, Cylindra (long)

Swiss Chard (Spinach): Flamingo Pink

Herbs: Oregano, Sage, Rocket Wild Sylvetta.

Beans: Blue Peter Runner Beans, Purple Tee Pee, Eliminator (green bean),  French Dwarf Bean