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Time in the fields...

Having spent a lot of time in the fields this week, we are happy to let you know that the strawberry fields have an awesome abundance of insanely sweet, organic strawberries. 

After last weeks' water fiasco (which left the fields in a state that "Muddy Princess" could have taken place here), the tractor almost getting stuck, and huge volumes of water flowing through the whole farm, we are happy to let you know that the situation and fields have dried out considerably, making picking much more convenient for this weekend.

The plants are looking fantastic this morning, perked up a lot and are just looking kind of majestic in their own right. Fruit production is incredible, everywhere that you look, our gorgeous red berries are to be seen.

Some of our plants have already started sending out runners. This marks the start of the slowing of production, but don't worry, we will still have picking every weekend for this month. After the end of November, we will have to play it by ear and will keep you guys posted as we go.

We would suggest that yo get here early on Saturday, to either beat the rush, or the heat, but either way you'd get the pick of the fruit that is available.

If the weather man is to be trusted (we all know he gets it really wrong, extremely often), we are in for a weekend of good weather, with a little cloud expected on Saturday and a really sunny Sunday. 

On that note - Get here early on Saturday (we open at 7:30 am), pack in the family, bring the grandparents too - we have fresh baked scones - Please leave your pets at home, we have our own... Kids, drag your folks out for a really good day out in the country, awesome fresh air and sunshine, bring along hats, slap on the sunscreen (if you forget it at home, don't stress, we have some in our little shop) and come hungry.

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