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This should be it...

It's another beautiful morning on The Strawberry Farm, nice and overcast.

We have a 60% chance of rain for this morning up to 12 o'clock, after that there doesn't seem to be any chance of rain according to the weatherman, but we all know that he can get it very wrong at times.

This should be our last weekend of picking for the 2017 season. We have experienced more and more runners on the strawberry plants over the last few weeks, and with the increase of the runners, the production of strawberries drops, until eventually we have no fruit forming. By this point, we have also reduced the amount of field staff required for clearing the fields of weeds and grass, and, with the rain we have experienced this week - around 45 mm in total - the grass and weeds have grown rampantly. The ladies have taken some strain attempting to keep the fields and walkways clear.

On this note

  • the fields have a lot of growth in them, and are not clear like previous weekends.
  • there are little bags in between strawberry plants to help us propagate the new strawberry plants without disturbing their roots (I'll go into that in more detail in another post) - please do not stand on these bags, and these plants are not for sale (yet).
  • it's going to be a little more difficult to find the strawberries - yes, there is still plenty fruit this morning, just seeing them through the undergrowth is a little more difficult.

If you haven't managed to visit us this season yet, make sure it is this weekend that you make it out here to us. If you don't make it out to us, you'll more than likely have to wait until late September/ early October 2018 to pick our amazing strawberries.

Our irrigation dam is low again, even though we managed to fill it quite well last week. This should be remedied on Wednesday or Thursday this coming week as it will be our water turn again. If your wishing to picnic, rather enjoy our picnic dam or the shade with plenty grass. 

There are still mulberries to be had and the blackberries are starting to ripen. The blackberries look just like raspberries, but bigger, before they are ripe. With a little searching through the plants, you may find the odd ripe one - these are a dark purple that looks rather black when ripe. Please only pick these once ripe, otherwise they are not enjoyable.

As far as veggies go, we have the following available for picking:-

  • Carrots- a good variety of heirloom carrots, from white ones to purple ones, with the majority of them being varieties of orange carrots.
  • Radishes - not just red ones.
  • Beetroot - Striped beetroot, (Chioggia) albino white beetroot, regular red beetroot, and cylindra- a cylindrical beetroot.
  • Swiss Chard - similar to spinach, but nicer
  • Cos lettuce - plenty of it
  • Cinnamon Basil, and a bunch of other herbs
  • Beans - Green beans and Purple beans
  • Baby Marrows - both Green and Yellow Baby Marrows

So, with that all being said, get down to The Strawberry Farm to pick a good variety of organic produce this weekend.


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