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Rain, mud and a really good time...

What amazing rain we had last night, all 10 mm of it!!! The thunder was rolling through the valley with quite some ferocity, the wind picked up (and damaged a couple of trees) making its own music, what a fantastic sound.

Thanks to the rain, the fields are pretty muddy this morning even with some of the additional grass we have put in. The ground is properly wet, this makes for a muddy good time. As one of our pickers described it as "the most therapeutic experience ever". When packing in the family to come and pick, ensure you add in the "wellies" or prepare to go in bare foot - fell the clay mud squelch between your toes, it will take you back to your younger days. DO NOT wear your best shoes, you will regret it.

So, if you're one for a bit of natural muddy fun, come on out to the farm, get here early (we've got pickers that were in the fields at 7:25 this morning.). Alternately, if you aren't one for mud and squelchiness, hold you visit over for another weekend. Whichever way, you'd need to get here early to avoid disappointment.

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