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Welcome to the Original Pick-your-Own Strawberry Farm near Hartbeespoort Dam

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New Year, New Opportunities


Our strawberry season was fantastic this last year, the best one yet! The fields have grown and the bounty of those delicious red berries delighted more visitors than before. A lot of people commented about how amazing it is out here in the country, and what a different kind of life it is from the drudge of their everyday lifestyle. The peace and quiet, the different pace, along with no traffic and having the fresh country air. Several people mentioned how, when they were growing up, they visited a family members' farm, and the amazing memories that went with it, as well as how their visit to our farm brought back those incredible memories. This got us to thinking, how many of you out there would give up the hustle and bustle of your everyday city life, and settle for the fresh country air? Would you move to the countryside? Would you buy a share of a farm, or a whole farm itself? 

I'll leave you with those thoughts....

Have an awesome week.      

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