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Mulberries are there for the picking

The strawberries, from the sounds of it, have been picked out in our fields today. We do still have mulberries, delicious big black ones, gorgeous plump white ones, and then our own rose half breed - varying in colour from a very light purple, to almost black. Each has its' own subtle flavour differences.

The heat of the last while, as well as the nasty drought that we have been in the grip of, has really taken its' toll on the strawberries this season. Many of the plants have started to send out runners, signifying that the strawberry production will be coming to an end. This happens when the plants decide that spring is over and summer has us in its' hot and sweaty grasp.

We expect that we will have at most 2 weekends left of strawberry picking for this season, which means that our season will have been shortened by a good 3 weeks this year from last years' season. 

Our restaurant will be open though, Monday to Sunday for breakfast and light lunches, Friday nights and Saturday nights for dinner, until 8pm.


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