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It's wet in the fields...

Yes, we are open for picking... Yes, it's drizzling and wet underfoot... Perfect weather for gorging yourself on our delicious strawberries.

This week saw a wet, muddy beginning. Our farm gets its' irrigation water via a furrow and sluice system that comes from the Skeerpoort river. We share this system with all of the farmers in the area. On Sunday evening last weekend, someone opened a bunch of the sluice gates along the system, which sent all of the water down our furrow, overflowing it into the neighbouring farms' lands, over filling our dam, and flooding some of our fields as well as the path down to the fields. 

School groups came through this week and some of the kids freaked out 'cause of the mud, others reveled in it. It's still quite a soggy mess down there, even with us covering a lot of it with grass cuttings and other materials that would go on our compost heap. So, if you're coming through, expect mud - slushy, sticky, hold-onto-your-shoes kinda mud.

This all adds to the fun of farm life. So, come out to the farm today for an undeniably farm (not city) experience. Eat your fill of strawberries - of which there are loads down in the fields. Bring with you old shoes or "wellies" or even head into the fields barefoot. You may even want to bring an old towel, to dry off your feet after you've washed them, once you're done picking.

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