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Welcome to the Original Pick-your-Own Strawberry   near Hartbeespoort Dam

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It's going to be busy...

Arriving at work this morning, we are greeted by fine cool weather, the sky was dotted with light clouds (which has now clouded over completely) and the promise of a great day of picking. 

Yesterday was a cloudy, drizzly day, which was fantastic for picking as well as month end shopping. The Curry Cup is over for the year, with Western Province beating Natal in the final. All three of these - the weather, payday weekend shopping as well as the rugby - all influenced our picking yesterday. It was a busy morning, which died out as lunch-time loomed. We aren't saying it's a bad thing, we now have loads of strawberries for picking today, a lot more than expected.

We figure, with the rugby over - some guys will be nursing hangovers, be it from celebrating or drowning their sorrows- and shopping done, we will have quite a lot of pickers and it's going to be busy today. So, get here early!!!

We open at 7:30 a.m. for picking and breakfast. 

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