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Been busy...

Well hello Saturday!

What a busy time we have had over the last couple of weeks. It's been so busy that we haven't had an opportunity to post here, apologies for that. Time has just seemed to slip away from us.

O.K. so, we have passed the halfway mark for our season this year, and from here on out it will be downhill to the end of picking. I'm not saying that there are less strawberries, but slowly there will be less available for picking as we head towards fully fledged summer.

At this point we start to slow the weeding program that we have in place. You will find a bit more grass in the fields, a bit more weeds too. The farmer starts to focus on propagation of strawberry plants - as this is when our strawberry plants are starting to make runners (baby plants), some have been doing this for a couple of weeks or so, others are just starting. This usually spells the slow decline of strawberry production, hence our picking shouldn't be lasting later than the weekend of 2 & 3 December. Please note that this is not a date set in stone for the final weekend of picking for the year, it may very well end later, but we doubt that it will end sooner- it's all up to Mother Nature.

We would like to welcome Dennis to our team here at The Strawberry Farm. He is joining us to learn the farming aspect of things, and will be working closely with the farmer for the rest of the season. 

Still on the topic of farming, the farm is starting to produce some really good produce. The baby marrows are flowering beautifully, with a few small courgettes on the go, our beans are producing wonderfully - a good batch of green beans as well as purple beans can be picked. We have rainbow Swiss chard, Parris Island Lettuce, Green Salad Bowl Lettuce and a dash of Iceberg (not formed a ball, but hey). The cucumbers are coming along pretty well too, with a couple of them on the vines. The beetroot and carrots are slow to grow at this stage, but we have some great radishes for picking too. As we go along, we will have more and more variety for picking. Oh, and we have the first of our blackberries starting to turn red (the step before going dark purple (black)). So, yes, the veggies are coming through slowly. 

Many of you would have met Wendy, the lady that has issued you with wrist bands for entrance this season, she joined us about two months ago. We are teaching her the ins and outs of our reception and of the spa. If you give us a call most week days, Wendy is the lady that you'll get to speak to. Please be a little patient with her, she is new to the area, and she comes from a rather different industry to ours. All good things take time, and we are working on it.

So, off to the fields we go...

As always, load the kids in the car, pack in grandma and grampa, bring along some sunscreen and hats, 'cause it gets hot in the fields. Enjoy the fresh country air, and eating your fill of strawberries in the fields ('cause that is what we are about).

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