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And it started...

As I walked down the driveway to remove the "Closed for Picking" sign at 07:25 this morning, the 7th and 8th vehicle of the morning drove past me, and I have to say the people in the 7th vehicle seemed a lot more jovial with a great smile and wave as they drove past... I figure the people in car number 8 just felt it was way too early for being anywhere, but the kids need for strawberries was way more significant than their need for sleep. Heck, I could have done with a few more hours myself.

But, it was a beautiful day on the farm. Not too hot, just a slight, welcome coolness to the air.

The farm was abuzz with activity from early.

Jan, who gives the people direction to the fields, and explains about picking and buckets, as well as the in's and out's of picking and enjoying yourself down in the fields, was bounding around the place pre-seven o'clock. Anyone who has been to the farm over the last few years for picking will recognize him from the main entrance, wearing the leather cowboy-type hat.

Our regular direction giver, who loved helping you folks, as well as enjoyed the fresh air and the company of the farms' dogs, the man with the radio, John, unfortunately passed away last week rather suddenly. Our respects go out to his family, and yes, he was part of our family too. Assisting you guys, and bending your ears was something that he thoroughly loved and looked forward to. May he Rest in Peace.

As for the rest of us, we were scurrying around as we always do on the first weekend of picking. Fixing glitches and trying out new staff was the order of the day. But one thing can be said, our strawberry pickers today were most certainly not disappointed. Even after the Chef picked a good 4 kg's of strawberries for the kitchen to use, and my gosh, they were delicious.

We are currently embracing the thunder, lightning and light rain on the farm, it's a really good sign for the coming season.

As for further picking, we will be open at 7:30 tomorrow morning, and from there we will play it by ear, as we had a pretty good day of picking today, but we are sure tomorrow will bring more strawberries to be enjoyed.

Hope to see you in the fields.

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