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A beautiful day...

What a day we had yesterday. Loads of people came through to pick and eat our strawberries in the fields. 

Over and above the devouring of our delicious bounty down in the fields, about 7000 strawberries were picked to take home. Yes, its a lot of strawberries, but we do still have more to be enjoyed in the fields this morning. 

We will be open for picking this morning, but the later you wait, the less chance there will be that we will be open for picking. The fields open at 7:30 am, so get here early, have a little breakfast, enjoy the morning. Depending on the number of people descending on the farm this morning.

The farm shop, restaurant and picnic area will be open until 4 p.m. this afternoon.

#familydayout #berrylekker #goodwholesomefun 

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